Schedule and Curriculum

Our professional dance curriculum provides beginner through pre-professional levels starting at three years old. All students will learn poise, body coordination, confidence, self-discipline and loyalty as they study the art of dance. Summit Dance Academy will encourage a love of dance for all their students and are committed to each dancer's strengths and weaknesses.

Mini Ballet, Mini Tap, Mini Acro, Mini Hip Hop

These classes are specifically designed for children eight years of age and younger. The focus is on the pre-stages of ballet as well as stressing quality of movement, rhythm, and creativity. The primary purpose of this program is not only to begin proper training, but moreover to develop a love for the movement of dance itself.

Classical Ballet & Pointe
Ballet is the very foundation of all forms of dance. At the Summit Dance Academy, we believe in the finest technical training for ballet students, as well as the importance of the performing experience. Our students are trained in the traditional Russian Ballet style, with a knowledge of all other ballet styles. Ballet classes are divided by age, level, and follow a progressive syllabus. Consideration is given to each student concerning their interests, goals and specific talents.

Jazz & Contemporary/Lyrical
Jazz dance is not only an exciting and entertaining form of dance, but a healthy one as well. We offer classes to train jazz dancers and provide opportunities for students to audition for our performance companies. These companies perform throughout the area and compete in several dance competitions each season. Auditions are held annually. Many dance clubs, poms and cheer squad members have training from the faculty of Summit Dance Academy..

Hip Hop/Funk
The latest style of dance including skills seen on music videos, this course is the popular choice among older students. It builds strength and endurance while being social and fun.