Competitive Company 

The competitive program provides a path for dancers to learn teamwork and good sportsmanship and benefit from “healthy” competition, and to develop stronger performing skills.  Competition teams have the opportunity to compete/perform during the spring months at competitions, conventions and fundraisers. Applications for company are accepted each spring.  Dancers who are selected must participate in the Intensive Program while they are a Company member. Students who are interested in auditioning for this program should consult with Heather. Required classes are listed in the company packet. If you have any questions, please email To read about our team options click here.  To read about audition dates click here. To read about our company summer intensive click here.

If your dancer has decided to join Summit Dance Academy’s Performance Company. Summit understands that it is important to have a well rounded child with time for school. However, please take into consideration your studio dance schedule when committing to additional activities for the school year. Remember, this is a team effort!  The focus of our performance company is to help dancers grow technically and competitively while gaining the invaluable lessons of good sportsmanship, friendships, team unity, and a deeper love for dance. THIS IS A NOT A RECREATIONAL GROUP!

Commitment and dedication are necessary to be a member of Summit Performance Company! 1. Summit must be a PRIORITY to every company member. 2. Company members are required to attend their supporting technique classes and rehearsals regularly. Attendance is mandatory! Company members are required to attend summer intensives. 3. Members must not miss more than 3 technique classes or 3 choreography rehearsals during the entire year. Too many unexcused absences will result in probation and possible expulsion from the group. 4. Members may not miss class or rehearsal the week before a performance or competition. 5. All injuries must be accompanied with a medical note from a doctor. 6. PARENTS MUST CALL OR EMAIL IF A MEMBER MUST MISS CLASS OR REHEARSAL DUE TO A FAMILY EMERGENCY OR AN ILLNESS. If you are injured you are expected to watch class/ rehearsal.

Financial Commitment
Please note that there are extra financial commitments that come along with being on a performance company including; costumes, choreography fees, and competition fees. 1. Monthly dance tuition for each dancer varies, please see chart. 2. Group competition fees average $60-70 per dance, per competition. 3. Plan to budget $100-200 per costume for all group competition numbers. Solo, duet, trio costumes and competition fees are not included in this number. 4. Each dancer is responsible for 1 set of studio fees (see form).  Please note that there are fundraising opportunities available to help defer competition expenses! 

All dancer's interested in Summit Dance Academy Performance Company must audition May 10/11, 2019.   
Company results will be posted the following week. 
Contracts and team deposits will be due the following week.

All competitive dancers will be required to attend competitions and conventions on a regional and select years national level.  

Summit Dance Academy competes throughout the spring of each year.  Black out dates for competitions and conventions are January- May. 
Summit Dance Academy does follow Douglas County School District's spring break and does not schedule events this week. 

Competition Team Fees
Parents are responsible for a monthly team payment, August- March.  This covers the cost of coaches fees, admin fees, choreography fees, convention participation fees,competition entry fees, and master classes.  Estimate fees are presented at the team informational meeting in April.  

Solos, Duos, Trios
If a dancer decides to perform a solo, duo or trio, the parent is responsible for choreography fees and additional entry fees. 
Private cleaning sessions must be scheduled prior to competing a solo.  

Guest Choreography
Estimated Fees: approximately $200-250 per dancer for a large group and $250-300 per dancer for small groups.  This fee covers the airfare, accommodations, food, and choreography of the individual guest choreographer.   Tentative casting is done at team auditions, however choreographers do have the final say. Solos/Duo/Trios with outside choreographers must be approved by directors before booking

Dancer Expectations

1. All performance company dancers are required to take their set technique schedules. 2. Arrive to classes and rehearsals on time and be prepared and dressed to dance. To help prevent injury, it is important for dancers to warm up and cool down before/after class. This means if your class starts at 7:00 pm, you should arrive at 6:45 pm to properly warm up. 3. All members must wear appropriate dance attire and dance shoes to class and/or rehearsal. Appropriate dance attire includes wearing leotards, tank tops, athletic shorts, tights, capris, or yoga pants. School type clothing is NOT acceptable! 4. Dress code for ballet class requires dancers to wear class color leotard and  tights along with ballet shoes. Hair should also be in a bun. It is important to follow the dress code so that instructors can clearly see your dancer’s body and make sure they are using proper technique and working in correct alignment. This too will help with injury prevention. 5.There is no need for negative attitudes. Students should have nothing but respect for ALL teachers and classmates. 6. Dancers are expected to practice and review choreography outside of class and rehearsal. “I forgot.” is not acceptable! Be accountable for knowing your choreography! 7. Summer Intensives, choreography workshops, performances, competitions and events are mandatory. Dancers will attend a day-long cleaning workshop in October. You will receive notification of competition schedules at minimum of 10 days prior to the event. Please note that the studio does not receive any scheduling information until two weeks before the competition. We promise to get you information as soon as we get it! 

Parent Expectations

1. Promote good sportsmanship and positive attitudes. No gossip! 2. Get your dancer to class on time and in dress code. IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT PROPERLY DRESSED WITH PROPER SHOES, THEY WILL NOT DANCE! 3. Call in or email child’s absence prior to class or rehearsal. 4. Encourage your dancer to practice outside of the studio. 5. Make all payments promptly. Failure to pay on time may lead to dismissal from the group. 6. Check emails regularly for updates and announcements. 7. As a reminder, backstage at competitions and recital is reserved for SUMMIT DANCERS AND INSTRUCTORS ONLY! If a mother's help is needed to prepare for one of our dances, the Summit staff will let you know in advance. As parents and dancers, we will not disclose Summit Dance Academy’s practices, contracts, or other pertinent studio information to anyone outside the studio, including, but not limited to, other dance schools and/or competing agents. We agree to obtain consent from the Company Director prior to participating in dance instruction provided by outside teachers, studios or recreation centers. Instruction from alternative sources, while possibly beneficial, will not be applied toward the Company technique requirements outlined in the Company orientation packet.

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