Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical/Leaps & Turns Program

Jazz and Contemporary classes focus on stylized movement through improvement of flexibility and technique, strength, turns and leaps and jazz choreography. It also emphasizes musicality and body alignment.

Hip Hop Program

Hip-Hop is a fun activity for any recreational or competitive dancer. The latest style of dance including skills seen on music videos, this course is the popular choice among older students. By becoming comfortable with free-movement, this non-traditional dance style is great for girls or boys of any age and level.

Mini Program

Mini Program is a fantastic intro to dance.  We offer various styles in our 2.5-6 program including hip hop, ballet, tap and acro. The classes are structured to teach movement, control, timing, creativity, confidence, passion and a foundation of technique.

Acro Program

Acro program is designed to develop balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility in order to take your dancing to the next level. Students will learn a progression of skills and tumbling movements in a safe, and enjoyable atmosphere that can be incorporated into jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary routines.

Tap Program

Tap classes are an excellent way to incorporate sound and movement.  Our program is focused on establishing a strong foundation of rhythm and technique for our recreational and competitive dancers.

Classical Ballet Program

Classical Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance.  At Summit, we believe in the finest technical training for ballet students, as well as the importance of the performing experience.  Our students are training in the Balanchine, with exposure to all other ballet styles.  Ballet classes are divided by age, level, and follow a progressive syllabus.  Consideration is given to each student concerning his/her interests, goals, and specific talents.

Fall Schedule

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