Dress Code

Mini Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Poms Dress Code:
Summit Dance Academy expects all mini program dancers to be dressed in pink, light blue or lavender dance wear.  Ballet participants need pink shoes, and ballet pink tights.  Jazz and acro participants should be bare-legged and bare-footed. Hair should be up and out of the petite dancer's face.

Classical Ballet Dress Code:
Summit Dance Academy has a strict ballet dress code for all students that enables the teacher to best see and evaluate each student.  Teachers must be able to see the ankles, knees, hips, ribcage, neck, face, shoulders and elbows clearly.  Leotards and tights should be worn without underwear underneath.  Jewelry, leg warmers, and other items are a distraction to both students and teachers and are not permitted in any class.
For all girls:  Hair must be secured in a bun with bobby pins and a hair net.  Please come to your class with your hair correctly done.  Our teachers do not have time to fix everyone’s hair. 

* Please email for appropriate class level leotard color at ashley@summitdanceacademy.com 

Jazz Dress Code:
All dancers can wear a colored top and black bottoms. Shoes are by teacher's preference. Hair in bun or ponytail. 

Hip Hop Dress Code:

Comfortable street clothes with white low top Chuck Taylors.